Wedding Invitation Etiquette: When Do I Send Them Out?

Wedding Invitation EtiquetteMost brides-to-be have very little idea about the ins and outs of wedding planning. After all, for many brides this is the first time they have ever had to think about things like save-the-dates or wedding invitations. So it only makes sense that they might have a few questions about the whole process.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Your wedding invitations are a critical part of the entire process unless, of course, you plan on eloping. Your invitations provide your guest with invaluable information: who, what, where, why, and when. And while invitation design is entirely up to you, wedding invitations follow a fairly strict set of rules.

When Do I Send Them Out?

Don’t panic. The invitations should go out six to eight weeks before your big day. That gives guests plenty of time to make travel and hotel arrangements, especially if you sent save the dates several months prior.

If you are having a destination wedding, send invitations out three months before the date of the wedding.

What About RSVPs?

You should make your RSVP date two to three weeks before the wedding. This should allow you plenty of time to get the final head count to your venue and caterer, and finalize your seating chart.

Should We Include Registry Info?

Quite simply, no. This is perceived as impolite. You can include this information on your wedding website.

How Do We Avoid Confusion About Desired Attendees?

It all comes down to properly addressing your invitations. Refer to each and every guest by name. Never just add “and guest.” This will help avoid awkward situations down the road, like if your friend and her boyfriend break up before the wedding. By addressing the invitations to specific people, this will stop your friend from just bringing anyone. As a rule, invitations are nontransferable, as long as people are invited by name.

And no, you do not have to give every guest a “plus-one.” If a guest isn’t married or in a serious relationship, it’s perfectly acceptable to invite them and only them. They should understand.

If someone RSVPs with a guest that was not invited, simply call them up and politely explain the issue: you were not able to invite everyone with a guest.

Should We Specify a Dress Code?

You certainly can. Simply add a dress code in the lower right-hand corner of the invitation: “black-tie” or “cocktail attire” or “casual attire.” Your invitation design should also give your guests a clue as to the formality of your wedding.

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