Wedding Season: Love in the Time of COVID

Wedding Season: Love in the Time of COVID

But now a new challenger has appeared to throw the typical wedding season into chaos. That challenger is the COVID-19 pandemic, with a renewed emphasis on social distancing.

Once upon a time, sweethearts separated by time and space could only communicate through snail-mail letters. The advent of better technology has allowed loving bonds to flourish even with physical separation being an obstacle. Phone calls, email chains, text messages, and the Internet community at large has helped provide options for overcoming anything that gets in the way of your grand romance. But now a new challenger has appeared to throw the typical wedding season into chaos. That challenger is the COVID-19 pandemic, with a renewed emphasis on social distancing. So how can you still make sure your happily-ever-after goes off without a hitch? We’re glad you asked

Think Small and Go Virtual

Your big day can still happen, just on a smaller scale. The height of the wedding season is spring and summer, but people can get married all throughout the year. Plus, there’s a certain cozy romance about getting married in the woods during the fall and winter. However, in the age of coronavirus, you’re probably better off keeping the ceremony itself tight (maybe consider a stoop wedding?) and use the power of the Internet to your advantage! 

Find a Digital Platform 

Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Live, Skype, Instagram Live, and YouTube’s Live functionality are all fantastic solutions to this dilemma. Google Meet (previously known as Hangouts) is another option as well. However, don’t forget about your guests who aren’t as knowledgeable when it comes to technology – a set of instructions can guide them on the easiest way to participate in the event!

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse! 

When it comes to virtual weddings, rehearsal is for more than just dinners. Strong Internet connections and steady WiFI signals are essential, especially when outdoors when sound and video could be clunky and unreliable. Lighting, sound, and camera angles must all be accounted for and handled properly by someone in the wedding party with the experience necessary to troubleshoot if need be. 

Traditions Are Still on the Table

In the past, weddings were large events. After all, it’s special for everyone and different cultures have important rituals that are cherished by those families whether or not they are in their homeland or scattered by the diaspora. Having the first dance, toasting with champagne, teasing speeches – all of them can still take place. 

Tie the Knot then Celebrate Later On  

You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. Sometimes, eloping at the courthouse is a low-key way to get hitched and let everyone know later – but in this day and age that can be trickier to pull off. In a nutshell, tie the knot now and hold off on the afterparty/reception until the pandemic ends and grandiose gatherings are safe to plan and execute again. Besides, you’ll be able to enjoy your honeymoon once travel restrictions ease up! 

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