What Are Some More Business Card Tips?

Last week, we covered some of the basics when it comes to printing and designing business cards. Below are even more business card tips and tricks you need to know.

  • Make sure your business cards are standard size – there’s nothing worse than getting a stack of business cards and one is substantially larger than the others. You want your business card to be able to fit in the other person’s wallet. Currently, the standard business card size is 3.5” x 2”.
  • Be creative – there is nothing more boring than a white card with a black standard font. That’s the easiest way to get forgotten and lost in the shuffle. However, you also want yours to be readable so opt out of a black background with a navy font. Try bold fonts with bright colors and avoid excess white space. Additionally, try using a non-standard layout for your business card.
  • Keep it simple – it is one thing to be creative, it is another to completely clutter your business card. Make sure the design doesn’t overwhelm the business card. If you are concerned that there is too much going on, try moving some of the information to the back of the card.
  • Make sure it’s business related – no company business card is complete without actually stating what the company does. Make sure to include a logo or a slogan about the services offered.
  • Check for errors – imagine going to a networking event, making great new connections. Just to discover you have the wrong phone number on your card. Talk about a waste of time.

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