What is an NCR Form?

What is an NCR Form?

From invoices to inventory, NCR forms and paper are there for your business needs.

If your business utilizes multi-page invoices and inventory forms, then you are probably familiar with NCR forms. An NCR form is constructed of multiple parts and allows multiple copies of a handwritten or impact-printed document to be created at the same time. These are often used for receiving invoices and packages, as well as other applications. In fact, most people have used or signed NCR forms at some point in their lives. But what makes NCR forms so useful for conducting business? Here are some of the basics about NCR forms, how they work, and why we use them in so many industries.

Why NCR Forms?

You may be wondering why these forms are called NCR forms. These forms utilize carbonless copy paper in order to create multiple copies simultaneously, and this carbonless copy paper was actually developed by a consumer transaction corporation called NCR Corporation. As the carbonless copy technology became ubiquitous for invoice and transaction records in many industries, they became known as NCR forms or NCR paper. Today, many people may refer to NCR paper in their day-to-day responsibilities without even realizing where the name comes from.

How do NCR Forms Work?

The sheets of paper used to construct NCR forms use a reactive coating to create multiple copies at once. This coating either uses microscopic dye capsules or reactive clay coating which break when pressure is applied to the sheets of paper. This allows you to write or print on the top sheet while also creating multiple copies by applying pressure to the reactive coating, or coatings, below. Often, this will mean one plain sheet on top with a reactive sheet underneath in order to keep delivery forms and invoices in duplicates, but these forms can also be used for making several simultaneous copies of many kinds of records.

Uses for NCR Forms

We’ve mentioned here that some of the most common uses for NCR forms include invoice and delivery paperwork, which many people are familiar with signing in the work environment as well as at home. NCR paper is also used for handwritten receipt pads in many small businesses. You may have received these handwritten NCR copies at restaurants, bakeries, or other establishments as receipts or bills. Continuous forms, or computer forms, are also frequently created with NCR sheets. In these cases, an impact printer is used to strike the paper and create copies with the reactive coating the same way handwritten copies would be created with a pen.

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