What Your Stationery Says About You


The right stationery can really represent your business and speak volumes about who you are.

Stationery can actually be a pretty divisive topic. There have long been debates about what makes stationery good, and how you can properly represent your company through what stationery you choose. There’s one thing that’s for certain though: your stationery says a lot about what kind of business you are.

Getting the Proper Heading

You’ll want your logo on top of your stationery, of course. You’ll also want your address and phone number. There should be some clear indication of what your company does if it isn’t implicit in your company’s name. You want it to be obvious what your company does, otherwise, your letters might get shoved off to the unimportant side of the desk.

Nailing Down Design

You’ll want a design that flows smoothly, there should be easy transitions between your company logo, website, address, and so on. Your customers should be able to make an easy connection between your brand and the validity of the communication you’ve sent them, so it should really scream that it’s your stationery and not potentially someone else’s. More professional, formal companies should have simple designs without too many images or colors, whereas younger and more casual companies can work with a bit more personality edges like playful colors and innovative uses of space.

Different Kinds of Paper

The right professional printer will use the right paper. If you’re planning on writing on it, or using it for an office printer, you’ll have to look for the industry standard that is fine with both. Textured papers are a bit more tactile and stylised and may be great for something like a law firm. They’re mostly for handwritten letters though, but they do offer a more personalized touch.

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