How to Write a Quality Resume


The perfect resume may be achievable if you just follow these steps!

The right resume can mean the difference between getting an immediate call back and getting lost in a stack of other resumes. Writing a quality resume doesn’t need to be a tricky process, as long as you are willing to invest time and effort into the task. Here are some of our best tips for writing an awesome resume that will get you hired.

Do the Work for Them

When sending your resume to a hiring manager or business, keep in mind that many other competitors will not take extra steps to make the process easier for them. Resumes are typically scanned for about 30 seconds. If your resume is longer than two pages, written in a font that is hard to decipher, or poorly laid out, the process will take even longer and frustrate the person who is scanning it. Always use wide margins and a simple font. Now isn’t the time to be cute and show how different you are. Use bold and italics sparingly and only to guide the eye of the person reading your resume. Utilize bullet points to draw attention to specific things, like accomplishments, that can be quickly read.

Show Your Skills

Many people list their job titles and experience, but totally leave their accomplishments off of the table. Many businesses want someone who can help them solve problems, so show them what you can really do. Instead of telling a manager what your job was, tell them what you actually did on the job. List any accomplishments related to the job after the job description and make sure that you only list strong experience. Don’t use generic descriptions and go into as much detail as possible.

Make It Clear

One of the biggest mistakes make resume writers make is making numerous general claims throughout the paper and not properly marketing themselves. Think of a resume as a brochure or sales pitch that is being sent out to companies you want to hire you.

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