Is Your Catalog Design Eye-catching Enough?

The purpose of a catalog is to present products or services to your target audience with the intention of influencing them to purchase these services or products. But like anything advertising or marketing related, design is key. A poorly-designed catalog won’t be nearly as effective as one that is designed properly.Small Business Postcards

Not sure if your catalog is properly designed? Read below to learn the key elements to a successful catalog.

Target audience

You should have a target audience in mind for your catalog, and the catalog should appeal to this target audience. You should be knowledgeable in how to properly market to the people of your target audience, even if it’s as simple as B2B or B2C. The target audience is an important first step for deciding how to design your catalog.

Design and lifestyle

Speaking of target audience, the people of that audience likely have many things in common. You should know these things when developing a catalog and implement them into your design. This includes any photos, the layout, the descriptions, color scheme, and more.

Catalog priorities

This is the most important part to catalog design. A catalog exists to sell, so the services or products that are being sold should be paramount. This means properly positioning and advertising each product or service in a way that inspires the reader to take action and order the service or product. This isn’t easy to do, but without putting this in your top priorities when designing a catalog, you won’t have much success.

If you think your catalogs need an update, or aren’t sure how to design one according to the guidelines above, don’t worry. You’re busy running your business, which is why Time Printers offers high-quality catalog design services right here in Baltimore.

Eye-catching catalog design in Baltimore and Maryland

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