2022 Business Card Design Trends

2022 Business Card Design Trends

Improving your business card with 2022 design trends.

Even in today’s climate where everything is digital, business cards remain one of the most effective ways to promote your brand, reaching a broader audience. Years ago, the primary use of business cards was to establish communication between businesses and clients. Today, most businesses operate online, making it necessary for business cards to become more inventive, tactful, apparent, and trendier. The role business cards play in a company is significant, which is why business card trends in 2022 are necessary for our current digital era. Improving the design of your business card means improving your business.

Personalized Cards

Business cards were once strictly about business. However, recently they’ve become more personalized. Even formal industries are beginning to design their business card with a sense of personality. The idea behind this trend is to have the card speak for you, allowing for your business card to appear more friendly, chatty, and personable.


Anti-card trends are making their way into the traditional design of business cards. Anti-cards are a more creative, informal, and visual way to advertise your business in the form of a business card.

Blending the Elements

Another big business card design trend in 2022 is blending design elements with text elements. This trend provides your business card with more visual appeal while maintaining an original and professional look.

QR Codes

QR codes have become increasingly popular and compatible in recent years, making it easier to link or redirect clients to designated business sites. In 2022, implementing QR codes in business card designs will become a trend. Due to its flexibility, it saves room on the business card while providing additional information for clients.

Custom Shapes

Traditionally, business cards have always had a rectangular shape. However, in 2022 we will begin to see an increase in the varying shapes and forms that business cards take, including squares, circles, triangles, and company logos, to name a few. This upcoming design trend shows the endless possibilities of how a business card can look.

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