Printing In Digital: The Best Business Card Finishes To Use For Your Company

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It just doesn’t get better than having a one-of-a-kind business card that really stands out. In fact, making a great first impression is important to any business — particularly a small business. The reality is, there are many different finishing options that business owners get to choose from when it comes to designing and creating their business cards effectively and efficiently. Ultimately, the design and the feel of the business card becomes increasingly important. Here are some of the best business card finishes to choose from and find one that best suits your needs.

A Gloss Or Matte Lamination

This finishing option is quite common. In fact, the matte or gloss finish is what  gives a business card a smooth and very professional look and feel. The reality is, the finish itself tends to have a bit of a velvety texture which some people enjoy very much. Ultimately, a matte finish is typically less reflective than a gloss finish and will come down to your personal preferences when it comes to choosing which one works for you.

Embossed Or Debossed

Another business card finishing option that has been increasingly in popularity as of late includes either embossing or debossing. In fact, this business card finish typically provides some texture to your business card. The reality is, embossing is accomplished by pressing plates up against it in order to actually raise the surface — or the text itself. And debossing, is actually just the exact opposite. Ultimately, debossing is where the actual surface of the business card is inverted. Either option provides a nice texture to the card itself that many people prefer as a way to ensure their business cards stand out from the rest.


Another option business owners have at their disposal for their business card finishes is a die-cut. In fact, this option has been quite popular among the younger generation of business owners who tend to really want to try out new and innovative business card finishes. The reality is, while this is rare, die-cutting typically involves a very distinctive approach to a business card finish. Ultimately, die-cutting will involve steel die that is then used to punch a hole into any specific shape in the business card itself. 

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