2022 Wedding Invitation Trends

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Here are the biggest trends the professionals expect to see when it comes to the wedding stationary for the upcoming year.

Wedding season is quickly approaching. In fact, soon enough, wedding invitations will be a flurry in your mailbox on the daily. So much so that knowing the best wedding invitation trends that are likely to make a huge statement in the new year can allow you to choose the best wedding invitation option to make your special day stand out from all the others. Here are the biggest trends the professionals expect to see when it comes to the wedding stationary for the upcoming year.

Long Gone Are The Days Of Formality

When it comes to weddings, making it all your own is key. In fact, formality doesn’t need to be part of your wedding invitation stationary if that’s not the mood or tone you want to set for your big day. The reality is, your wedding is all about celebrating love. Instead of focusing on what you “should” do, consider what you “want” to do when it comes to wedding invitation choices. The reality is, many different couples have the option to go with more festive and casual celebrations for the big day instead of any formal celebrations. Ultimately, now more than ever before, couples are truly focusing more on joy and love than ever before.

Environmentally Friendly Stationery Options

Weddings are typically considered a very fun event. In fact, people love a wedding. Ut, with all the wedding preparation there might be a lot of waste that might potentially become an issue and have a substantial impact on the environment. The reality is, now, there are eco-friendly options for couples to choose from — especially when it comes to their wedding invitations.

Say Goodbye To Script Fonts

Fonts like script and other calligraphy tend to be considered old-fashioned. In fact, in the new year, couples are more likely to use minimalistic fonts as opposed to script fonts. The reality is, these trends are likely to be part of a wedding more than just for the invitations but even menus will incorporate these minimalist fonts as opposed to script fonts. At the end of the day, being aware of the best wedding trends for your big day can allow you to get ahead of the latest trends if you plan on having your big day in the new year.

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