4 Tips for Making Your Direct Mail Campaign More Effective

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With social media being all the rage, direct mail campaigns may seem outdated. But that’s not entirely true!

Do you rely on snail mail? With social media being all the rage, direct mail campaigns may seem outdated. But surprisingly enough, you can still take steps to make it much more effective than your wildest dreams. Even if your competitors downplay how useful this technique is, you can take advantage of their poor judgment. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks for maximizing your investment in these printed products. So what should you do?

Tap Into New Audience Leads 

Specialized industry organizations could represent an untapped market for you. Make the most of special offers exclusive to them – that could be a great incentive for joining “the club,” so to speak. For example, you could experiment with free quotes, discounts, seminar passes, and trial runs of new software packages. Introduce yourself and your business (especially if you run a small business) and intrigue your potential audience leads with phrases such as “gifts included inside!”

Pivot to Direct Sales Marketing 

Direct sales marketing, dare we say, does pay off. By pivoting to direct sales marketing, you can put your direct mail marketing tactics to better use. For instance, you can focus on special deals mailers; these products could, theoretically, draw more attention and customers. If you want to make these mailers even more interesting, include coupons. Coupons make everyone more inclined to complete a transaction with you – whether you run a family-owned bakery or are trying to increase your fitness club membership dues.  

Take Repeat Customer Appreciation More Seriously 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make all the difference. In this case, show that you appreciate all of your customers through excellent service. That said, repeat customers warrant extra special attention. Handwritten thank-you notes and letters buck the norm. This gesture also comes across as genuine if you avoid the temptation to enclose yet another special offer. Rather than present a reason to buy something again, your targeted recipients might feel obligated or pressured to continue interacting with you via website traffic or walk-ups to your brick and mortar store location.   

Prioritize the Upselling Strategy 

Upselling is another lucrative way to optimize your direct mail marketing tactics. One way to make this happen is by printing customized (or individualized) note cards tailored to each customer. A small, lightweight, and thoughtful gift, especially around the holidays, can be meaningful. After all, while it’s the “thought that counts,” there’s a reason that money talks. 

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