3 Advantages of Using Promotional Products to Build Your Brand

Promotional Products

Even the simple pen can be a powerful promotional product.

Promotional products are excellent resources for circulating your brand in a tangible way. If you have not yet considered using promotional products for your brand, it’s never too late to start! Below are some of the many reasons why businesses know and love promotional products.

Get Your Brand Out There

Promotional products are the most convenient tools for publicizing your brand. Even smaller and inexpensive products like pens will be reused, and in turn, they become free advertising for your business. Nearly 90 percent of recipients use a promotional product that they received from a company on a weekly basis, while 87 percent of recipients have kept promotional products for over a year.

Practical Items Can Advertise Your Brand

People love promotional products from brands that they like because of how practical these items can be. Promotional products such as USB drives are especially effective tools for promoting your brand while providing recipients with something of value to them. After receiving a promotional product, almost half of all recipients left with a more favorable impression of the brand that gave it to them. Even more importantly, almost 30 percent of people said that the promotional product served as a reminder of the brand.

Promotional Products Are Less Expensive

Let’s face it–traditional forms of advertising can be very expensive. Even the most relevant and modern forms of advertising, such as Facebook ads, can be expensive without yielding many results. Promotional products can be a very cost-effective means of marketing your brand, without requiring you to spend thousands of dollars on a print advertisement or radio ad. Instead, you’ll enjoy happier customers and a higher return on investment.


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