Choose Lamination for Your Next Order of Printed Business Materials

Laminated printing gives your projects that professional finish that clients and associates will appreciate.

The seasons are changing, and now is as good a time as any to promote your business in new and creative ways. Matte prints of your promotional items can sometimes be dull and boring if overused, and laminated prints make your project stand out with a fresh look and a professional glossy finish. There are several reasons to laminate your printed products, and Time Printers is the place to go for all of your printing needs.

It’s All About Looks

Laminated printing gives your projects that professional finish that clients and associates will appreciate. This is an especially great way to convey thought and care to your clients with little to no time cost to you. Lamination makes your content pop and people are even more likely to read material on laminated pages than on unlaminated ones. Sleek products appear to be even more polished finish when they are laminated well.

Protection and Durability

Whether you reuse menus everyday or bring posters to monthly conferences, laminated printing can cut down on costs by protecting your materials. Laminating your printed materials not only ensures their polished look and finish, but also provides them with durability if they are carried around or mounted regularly. If your printed products are displayed outside, lamination also guarantees protection from any weather conditions that may otherwise ruin paper. In fact, printing your signs on vinyl can make them last up to three years, which saves you valuable time and money. Make a smart investment for your business by choosing laminated printing for these types of products.

Endless Finishes

Once you have made the decision to use laminated printing for your business materials, where do you start? Lamination options can sometimes be overwhelming, so it is important to understand the benefits of each finish. A gloss finish gives a visually stunning and polished look, while a matte one is elegant and less reflective. A satin finish is similar to a gloss finish, however it is not quite as reflective. Dry erase finishes can allow you to be interactive with your printed materials by allowing you to draw or write on them with dry erase markers. For added protection, an anti-graffiti finish can allow for the removal of any type of vandalism for materials that are hung outside. Whichever option you chose, Time Printers Incorporated will guide your decision.

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