3 Helpful Tips for Personalizing Graduation Yard Signs

3 Helpful Tips for Personalizing Graduation Yard Signs

Graduation yard signs are great items to add to your yard during graduation season to signify your accomplishments.

It’s spring! And for some, the best thing about this season is the changing weather and beautiful new growth. For others, it’s the monumental life event: it’s graduation season! At many schools, we’ve returned to a time of in-person events enough that graduation ceremonies and parties are happening. This doesn’t mean that the popularity of the graduation yard sign will wane, though. While graduation yard signs were not an invention of the pandemic, they increased in use dramatically during it. Take advantage of what we’ve learned over the last few years about making them great with these helpful tips for personalizing your graduation yard sign.

Personalized Photos

Keep in mind that yard signs were traditionally a form of print advertising, and start your design accordingly – with an eye-catching image. Typically these would be a picture or two of the graduate. Many people will stick to a cap-and-gown senior portrait image, but choosing something different is a great way to personalize the sign. Consider using a baby picture or a series of images that show the graduate growing up. Alternately, use a picture of the graduate doing what they love (like a sport or activity) or something signifying their major. One trend that is gaining popularity is utilizing the standard graduation photo but enlarging it and cutting it out, making the sign an enormous cut-out of the graduate’s face. Speaking of cut-outs, you could also include a face oval in the sign so that people can take a picture with their face next to the graduate’s face.

Personalized Message

While most people driving by won’t catch the entire message of the sign, pedestrians will, and – most importantly – your graduate will be able to stop and read it. Personalization is easiest in the message. Standard text like “You did it!” and “Congrats, grad!” are fine, but they don’t have a personal feel. Choose something related to the graduate, perhaps something touching or funny that they will understand and appreciate. At the very least, you should personalize the sign with the graduate’s name, graduation year, and major.

Personalized Graphics

You can also personalize a graduation sign with graphics, which is a great way to tailor it to your graduate. Choose art and images related to their interests or passion, like the sport they play or their favorite downtime activity (video games?). If they graduate from higher education, use graphics related to their major or job of interest. 

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