3 Tremendous Types of Employee Appreciation Cards

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Let’s now look at creating some great employee appreciation cards that are just as wonderful as your people are!

Employee appreciation day is usually celebrated in March. But why wait to mark the occasion? Your hardworking employees deserve to be recognized every day. After all, their efforts are what truly draw in customers. Besides, your reputation can be bolstered by positive word of mouth generated by satisfied customers and team members alike. Let’s now look at creating some great employee appreciation cards that are just as wonderful as your people are! 

Thanking Them For Everything That They Do 

First, and perhaps most foremost, you’ve got to thank them for all that they do for your company. Without doing this, you run the risk of morale plunging. Some of the most sincere wording goes beyond the simple phrase “thank you very much!” Try including expressions of gratitude such as “you are a joy to work with” or “we are honored to have you in our organization,” for starters. Even though many generic card templates are available, don’t forget to customize them. 

Praising Them for Honors and Awards Earned 

Chances are good that everyone on your team deserves some praise. Special recognition cards should go to the workers who go above and beyond. Whether that means working overtime, offering to help the rest of the team, or finding clever ways to save money, all of these actions count. Failing to follow through on this could bring unpleasant consequences. For example, an employee of the month, quarter, or year is the most common award in this category. But that doesn’t mean you can distribute these cards and call it a day. Excellence in Customer Service, Most Innovative, Most Valuable Team Player, and Perfect Attendance are meaningful superlatives.  

Celebrating Work Anniversaries and Other Milestones

Finally, let’s talk about cards that acknowledge work anniversaries. These printing products are versatile. They can be used to celebrate other employment-related milestones that deserve to be celebrated as well. In troubled and chaotic times, employee turnover happens more often. Retaining a trusted core of employees demands more than just simple pats on the back. Something tangible can make a remarkable difference. Loyalty and the other accolades that employees accumulate cannot go unnoticed. In today’s sluggish economy, job stability and security are rare things indeed. Everyone needs a steady income. For smaller businesses, that goal might be harder to achieve. Even so, your unique family should always be expanding when it makes sense for your organization!

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