How to Custom Design Great-Looking Door Hangers

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Much like newspapers, door hangers need short headlines.

Sometimes finding the most surprising ways to market your business brings greater success. That’s why custom-designed door hangers pay dividends. They are tangible objects that your audience can interact with; they have to pick them up, at least. These printed products are inexpensive and a quick way to spread word of mouth. Having volunteers distribute them helps expand your reach and positive buzz as well. Even so, many businesses aren’t making the most of this unique opportunity. Here’s how you can do it! 

Come Up with Concise Headlines 

Much like newspapers, door hangers need short headlines. The headline should be positioned on the front side, along the top edge. Don’t use colors that are indistinguishable from the background behind the text. Likewise, don’t give in to the temptation to use a fancy font. That won’t impress your prospective customers – it’ll just confuse them. Confused audiences will be less likely to engage with your item that way. Even a quick glance can make a difference, so capitalize on that!

Fill Out Both Sides of the Hanger 

The front of the door hanger captures your reader’s attention. Even if there isn’t much more room to use on the front, the back can provide more details. Additional text is well worth it. That’s because related options aren’t expensive. This investment pays off in the long run, we promise!  

Use Eye-Catching Color Combinations 

As with many graphic design elements, you’ve got to be thoughtful about the colors you choose. Custom-designed door hangers allow you plenty of ways to exercise your imagination. Take that creativity up a notch and choose the right shades, palettes, and tones. What do we mean by this? Brighter colors are more effective than darker ones. Make sure your company’s logo is front and center. Give it as much of a colorful flourish as you can since this strategy draws the eye. Building brand association is easier than you might think. The psychology of colors is subtle, but it can sway the decisions of your recipients.  

Include a Catchy Call-to-Action

Finally, create a call to action that inspires a response. That response could be as simple as using a coupon to get free food tacked onto orders (would you like some fries with that?) or scanning a QR code with their phone. Either way, make sure that your organization’s contact information is visible. Websites, phone numbers, and emails are all vital to converting your leads!

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