4 Key Details to Include in Your Funeral Program Design

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Writing the funeral program can prove to be a massive struggle.

Funerals are a somber occasion. Even when celebrations of life or homegoing ceremonies are part of the proceedings, grief usually overcomes any sparks of joy. The loss of a loved one – human or pet – is one of the most painful experiences everyone goes through at some point.  Accordingly, writing the funeral program can prove to be a massive struggle. Breaking through your sadness-induced writer’s block can be easy, though. Here are some of the salient details to include in your funeral program design!

An Appropriate Title 

The first step involves selecting a title that fits. Choosing this element, however, isn’t as simple as it sounds. Although you can derive the title from a popular phrase or saying, it should match the tone of the service itself. Likewise, you’ll want to unify the other supplemental funeral printing-related products with the main program. How do you do this? Copy the title or create a similar-sounding one for prayer cards and guest booklets. 

A Cover Photo 

Text and images come together to form something much more memorable. This factoid is true of all printed materials, from magazines and newspapers to bulletins and pamphlets. Thus, pick the cover photo that is most representative of the person you knew and loved. High-quality headshots can maximize such an effect. Avoid including anything that could be visual clutter. Proper lighting makes a significant difference; this allows your loved one to be front and center.    

Name of the Decedent 

Names are one of the most powerful identifiers we associate with the most influential people in our lives. That’s why you must list the name of the person who has passed away. In this case, use their full name. Middle names and maiden names are relevant, so don’t exclude them. Any fond nicknames that applied to the deceased can be included as well.  

Date of Birth and Date of Death 

Along with the full name of whoever has died, you’ll want to mention when they were born. Don’t leave out the date of death by mistake. These details are frequently seen in the obituary or eulogy written about the person. While time and location of death are important to know, they aren’t necessarily applicable to the front cover of the funeral program, lest you confuse and overwhelm the intended recipients. 

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