A Guide to Creating Extraordinary Thank You Cards

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We’ve assembled this helpful guide to help you decide what to say in thank you cards and how to say it!

Creating an exquisite card involves plenty of thought. After all, beyond the graphic design elements, you’ll also want to be sure that your message is heard loud and clear. It’s easy to miss the mark when putting words together in print. Miscommunications and misunderstandings can cause interpersonal conflicts, unnecessary heartbreak, and bad business dealings. That’s the main reason why we’ve assembled this helpful guide to help you decide what to say in thank you cards and how to say it! 

Start with an Appropriate Greeting 

The beginning of your thank you card needs to have a polite greeting. Now, depending on the context for which you are writing your note, you’ll likely have to choose your phrasing more carefully. Using the term “dear” is pretty much a safe bet. And if you are particularly close to the recipient, you can use fond nicknames or terms of affection instead. Just be sure to spell the person’s name correctly; likewise, be sure to get the form right as well. 

Communicate How Grateful You Are

The heart of the message in any thank you card is to express your gratitude. That means you need to communicate how grateful you are. As you will see later on in this article, you should probably do it more than once. The word “thanks” sometimes isn’t effusive enough. Take that into consideration as you move along in the wordsmithing process.

Include Some Personalized Details 

Here is where the fun begins. At this stage, you can include some personalized details. Again, this is something you should do with more informal thank you cards, such as to friends, family, relatives, or in-laws. These cards are often sent out in response to congratulatory occasions such as a graduation or a birth. They’re also commonly seen after a wedding or for a thoughtful gift coming out of the blue.

Briefly Discuss the Future 

If you are familiar with the concept of call-to-action, you can put it to good use here. The forward-looking statement can state how excited you are to see the recipient the next time you meet or ask them how they are doing. Life is hectic and busy, so you never know when a handwritten note (or one with beautiful graphic design) can turn someone’s day around! 

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