4 Top-Tier Tips for Creating Informative Small Business Walk-Up Signs

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We’ve assembled a list of great tips that should help you design more informative walk-up signs!

Small businesses need to come up with unconventional ways to draw attention. That’s why digital marketing is so useful. When you are trying to make a name for yourself as a local business owner, building a strong connection with your customers is the quickest way to achieve that goal. That said, drumming up business through foot traffic matters just as much now as it did in the pre-pandemic days. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a list of great tips that should help you design more informative walk-up signs! 

Include Your Business Phone Number 

First things first, include your business’s phone number. Even though landline phones have by and large gone extinct, some owners won’t want to give out their personal numbers. This consideration also takes into account the types of products and services you offer. If your shop specializes in custom-made candles, that could be very different than if your agency focuses on small-scale web design.     

Include Your Physical Street Address 

You’ll also want to include your physical location on your lawn signs. Even if this info can be found via your online presence (Google My Business, perhaps?), it’s still a good idea to have this down in writing. After all, not every customer is skilled at navigating the web or using their phone to look up what they need to find on the go. Besides, it helps to have it so your potential customers can save it to their GPS later. Converting leads into repeat customers is a fantastic way to keep the good times rolling. 

Include a Convincing Call to Action

Putting together a compelling call to action (or CTA) can be tricky. You want this to make this element of your street signs memorable. Maybe use some wordplay based on your company’s name to help it stick out better? Coupons, insider discounts, and offers of free items can anchor this element of your brand marketing strategy. Why’s that, you ask? By incentivizing engagement, you can make it more likely that a pedestrian walking by will get curious. And that curiosity will lead to your doorstep. After that, hopefully, they will come inside and take a look around!   

Add QR, Text, and SMS Codes 

Another terrific way to get your customers excited about your small business is to integrate QR codes, text messaging, and SMS codes into your street signs, lawn signs, or window banners. We recommend that you have a mobile-optimized landing page or an automated response program for this conversion to work. Both can lead to sign-up forms. 

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