Back to Basics: The Fundamentals of Great-Looking Banners

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Creating a set of beautiful banners is an easy way to drum up business.

Creating a set of beautiful banners is an easy way to drum up business. When you have a custom-printed banner sitting outside your venue, it draws walk-in customers. Whether you run the neighborhood pub or want your collectibles shop to take off, your message and promotion deserve to be seen. Each banner can be cut to custom dimensions as well. They don’t cost very much, comparatively speaking, and resist damage from bad weather or bleaching from sunlight exposure. 

So How Are Banners Made? 

One of the first questions many customers ask us is about how banners are manufactured. Woven fiber vinyl is the basic material, but this is given a glossy finish. That way, it looks fantastic no matter where you mount it. The print quality associated with our custom-made banners is high, while the relevance costs are low. Reinforced hems also do their part in making sure each banner lasts.  

What Does “Grommet” Mean? 

Another banner-related vocabulary word most people are unfamiliar with is the term “grommet.” Grommets are metal rings that support the holes your banners need to hang onto without falling off. They also help prevent accidental ripping or tearing. Think about it this way: your shower curtain also has grommets on it, except those might be smaller and less robust. The grommets themselves are attached to every corner of the banner; if they aren’t, the banner will end up looking lopsided and unsightly. 

And What Are Wind Slits? 

Think about the slits and slates in the fence around your property. Such features allow the wind to pass through without knocking the fence over. Every banner you intend to use needs a similar cutout. These cuts are shaped like half-moons and decrease wind pressure and stress that whip up during strong breezes or heavy downpours.   

How Can I Clean and Store My Banner? 

You won’t always need to have your banners displayed. As such, you’ve got to know how to clean them and store them until the next time you have a big sale. Mild soap and warm water are enough to do the trick. Be sure to use a soft, damp cloth to ensure maximum cleanliness. Let the banner air dry before you put it away. One more thing – loosely roll up the banners before putting them somewhere cool and dry. Doing so prevents wrinkles and creases from forming.    

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