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The Importance of Laminating Your Printed Products

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016

Protect your printed products with our lamination services.

Marketing and advertising are expensive! When choosing the best products to use in your marketing strategy, isn’t it important to keep longevity in mind? Luckily, lamination services keep those printed products preserved and functional for many years. With no peeling or notable deterioration, our professional-grade laminating materials are the best in the printing industry! Laminating your printed products still holds importance in our digitized world. Find out more as we go over the many benefits of lamination services that will bring glossy revenue to your business.


Planning a Summer Community Event? Hang Flyers Around Your Baltimore City Neighborhood!

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Hang flyers in your neighborhood hot spots for an awesome community event!

There are many neighborhoods in Baltimore gaining steam and sense of community these days. From repairing sidewalks, to building new restaurants, parks, and local favorites, more and more people are deciding to make the big move from the county. With all these new residents searching for the unique culture and creativity they’ve heard so much about, a community event is a great way to welcome them to town. Familiarize new-comers with the unique charms and quarks of your street by bringing venders together from local establishments. Is there a restaurant down the street all the locals flock to? Speak with them about catering your summer community event to entice everyone to come! Summers in Baltimore are bustling with folks spending time outdoors. Whether they’re hanging out on their front porch, or calmly strolling the sidewalk, you’ll always get a friendly greeting from one of your neighbors when stepping out into the warm sunlight. Such a culture is the perfect atmosphere for hanging flyers. Bringing folks together who care about your the health and success of your neighborhood creates positive, cohesive living. What’s a neighbor for, if not, mutual support and working together for a better tomorrow? Be the spark that starts the flame! Bring everyone together under one identity and those newcomers are here to stay!


Knowing The Industry: What is Print Ready File Preparation?

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016
file preparation

Make sure your digital files are print ready before you bring them to your commercial printer.

Printing lingo can be tough to understand, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the industry. Printed file preparation, however, is still widely used in the digitized world today for wide-range of necessary communication mediums. Learning about the printing industry reduces unnecessary hassles associated with file preparation. You’ll need to make sure your digital documents are print ready before bringing them to a trusted printing company. Print ready means your file has all the specifications necessary to produce high-resolution material, without requiring additional tweaking, alterations, or professional interventions. We’ll take the time to show you how to make your documents print ready this week. We know your time is precious to you. We’ll keep you on schedule and ensure your printing job is completed conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. (more…)

Keeping Your Faith Strong With Custom Prayer Cards

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Restore your faith by customizing your own prayer cards.

Striving to maintain a good moral compass is something we all struggle with. Your preferred book of prayer is thick! So many inspiring verses can be difficult to mentally organize. Choosing a few that passionately speak to your faith, keeping them in your wallet, on your dashboard, or in the mirror you use to get ready each day will give you that extra boost of necessary inspiration each day. Don’t let your faith dwindle because your book of scripture is too overwhelming.  There are a lot of prayer barriers in our lives. Sometimes our faith is shaken by unfortunate circumstances such as stress, death, and hardship. Keeping a physical reminder of God’s light reminds us of our purpose, and restores our love for Him. Create your custom prayer cards today and wake up everyday to love, warmth, and well-being.