Planning a Summer Community Event? Hang Flyers Around Your Baltimore City Neighborhood!


Hang flyers in your neighborhood hot spots for an awesome community event!

There are many neighborhoods in Baltimore gaining steam and sense of community these days. From repairing sidewalks, to building new restaurants, parks, and local favorites, more and more people are deciding to make the big move from the county. With all these new residents searching for the unique culture and creativity they’ve heard so much about, a community event is a great way to welcome them to town. Familiarize new-comers with the unique charms and quarks of your street by bringing venders together from local establishments. Is there a restaurant down the street all the locals flock to? Speak with them about catering your summer community event to entice everyone to come! Summers in Baltimore are bustling with folks spending time outdoors. Whether they’re hanging out on their front porch, or calmly strolling the sidewalk, you’ll always get a friendly greeting from one of your neighbors when stepping out into the warm sunlight. Such a culture is the perfect atmosphere for hanging flyers. Bringing folks together who care about your the health and success of your neighborhood creates positive, cohesive living. What’s a neighbor for, if not, mutual support and working together for a better tomorrow? Be the spark that starts the flame! Bring everyone together under one identity and those newcomers are here to stay!

How Should My Flyers Look?

Even if you’re not a designer, there are ways to create an awesome flyer which stimulates a positive community event turn out. What is your neighborhood identity? Is there a mural painted nearby that has become a geographical indicator of your community? Incorporate that local pride onto your flyers. Use it as the background for your flyer, or create a collage filled with neighborhood symbols. Be sure to include necessary information such as where and when the event is, what sorts of amenities and performances will be there, and how much it costs. Organize this information seamlessly. The eye should follow the content with ease. Bullet points are extremely useful, as well as font size variation, and color contrast. You don’t want your reader straining their eyes. Your flyers should be filled with neighborhood pride, familiar images, and the information should be easy to digest. Afterall, they are just passing by when they see it. Flyers are meant to be read quickly as people go about their daily routine. Make sure they are accessible in this way.

Where Should I Hang My Flyers?

Many new residents have never lived in the city. Printed flyers are a classic, and effective way to spread the word. Adding an old-school vibe with colorful, eye-catching flyers draws a lot of attention, especially for post-graduate young adults who are fresh to Baltimore and are looking for city-living aesthetics. You’ll reach such an audience, easily, with posted flyers. Reach the locals who’ve been living in your neighborhood for years by posting flyers in popular hang out spots. Does your block have a favorite bar or venue where everyone can be seen on Friday nights? Hang those flyers up on bulletin boards, behind the bar, and by the front doors. Does everyone on your street get their hair cut at the same spot? Ask the owner if you can hang your community flyers there. If they know you, and love the neighborhood just as much, they’ll likely approve. If you have a park where everyone brings their kids, hang your flyers around there! You know your neighborhood best! Find the spots where most people congregate and hang the flyers all over the place.

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