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Make Your Classroom Unique with Time Printers

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016
Teacher Standing in Front of a Class of Raised Hands

Transform your classroom into a fun learning environment!

The term “back to school” is indicative of the end of summer, and it doesn’t just apply to our children. For all of us educators out there, “back to school” means weeks of preparedness, planning, prepping, and yes – moving things. Every teacher knows that the first couple weeks of teacher meetings involve rearranging classrooms, lifting boxes, and moving in any new classroom furniture you may have acquired on your summer break. A new classroom is a fresh pallet and as the teacher, one of the joys you have is being able to make it unique. This involves anatomical models, classroom gerbils, and posters – lots and lots of posters. At Time Printers, we’re here to ensure that your classroom is a unique learning environment for every single mind you mold this upcoming year. (more…)