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The term “back to school” is indicative of the end of summer, and it doesn’t just apply to our children. For all of us educators out there, “back to school” means weeks of preparedness, planning, prepping, and yes – moving things. Every teacher knows that the first couple weeks of teacher meetings involve rearranging classrooms, lifting boxes, and moving in any new classroom furniture you may have acquired on your summer break. A new classroom is a fresh pallet and as the teacher, one of the joys you have is being able to make it unique. This involves anatomical models, classroom gerbils, and posters – lots and lots of posters. At Time Printers, we’re here to ensure that your classroom is a unique learning environment for every single mind you mold this upcoming year.

If you’re thinking of grabbing just any cat poster from your local store, think again, and consider that the semiotic choices you make in your classroom have a great effect on the children or young adults that you teach.

Decorations, such as posters, banners, and signs, provide students with an opportunity for more passive immersion in information.
For example, you teach 5th-grade science, and you ordered a poster from Time Printers that portrays the solar system in an interesting and attractive manner. That poster may be nice to look at, but it is also showing Johnny who sits next to it where exactly Saturn is in proximity to Earth and this is information he gains from just staring at an image. Let’s face it; you aren’t going to captivate your student’s attention at every moment. When Johnny is staring around the room, he’s going to have positive learning tools to capture his attention, not just that squirrel outside of the window.

You may want to decorate your classroom specific to the subjects you teach.
As a 7th grade Spanish teacher, you want to transport your students to another country and completely immerse them in that language. Time Printers prints custom signs in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Imagine the awe in your student’s eyes when they walk into a classroom with “Bienvenidos” draped across the top of the chalkboard. Welcome your students to class in a classic Spanish fashion!

Kids love stickers.
When you hand them back their homework that they worked so hard on, they can’t wait to remove that sticker and save it in their folder collection. We print custom stickers, labels, and magnets, so your students can feel special and appreciated all year round. The positive reinforcement teachers give to their students can be a defining factor in how confident they are throughout their school year. Reinforce their confidence in their homework with congratulatory homework stickers.

Your Local Baltimore Printers Can Help You Transform Your Classroom

Time Printers is a full-service printing products and services business located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our graphics team of experienced professionals can help you bring your vision to life in a timely and affordable manner.

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