Are Your Custom Catalogs Standing Out?

Custom Catalogs

The right design for your custom catalogs can be the difference between whether or not you make sales.

Custom catalogs are a great way to engage with your audience. You can use creative designs to draw attention to your services or products and it’s really your time to shine in terms of design. That doesn’t always mean that designing custom catalogs can be easy, however. If your custom catalogs don’t have an amazing design that stands out from all the others, there are chances it won’t be effective in getting you the sales you need.

Focus on Your Audience

Whenever you create a catalog design, you should always have your target audience in mind. What kind of design elements would appeal to whoever you’re trying to sell things to? It may seem simple enough to throw something together without much thought as long as it’s informative, but something like design can really elevate your sales tactics to a new level, and if done right, can increase your engagement by a lot. Try using surveys to get a better idea of who your target demographic is!

Keeping it Consistent

The biggest mistake people make when designing a catalog is being inconsistent. You want to maintain a color scheme throughout, as well as similar fonts and ideas that complement one another. If you have photos for one product, be sure to include other photos throughout so you give your catalogs a consistent look that is professional and easily accessible.

Catalogs and Priorities

Your main goal in even having catalogs is to sell something—either a product or service. Always remember that! You want to organize things in a way that leads your reader from one product to another, is informative enough that they understand what they’re selling, and keeps prices outlined clearly. If you’re unsure about how to go about designing a catalog, don’t worry! The pros here at Time Printers are here to do the work for you and ensure you have exactly what you need.

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