Finding the Right Paper for Catalogs and Calendars

Finding the Right Paper for Catalogs and Calendars

When you are looking for innovative ways to market your small business, you can’t go wrong with catalogs and calendars.

When you are looking for innovative ways to market your small business, you can’t go wrong with catalogs and calendars. Baltimore area businesses are heavily involved in their communities, and even if it is a smaller organization such as churches or schools setting up their spring fundraisers, getting the right paper stock for this projects is essential.


Catalogs are saddle-stitched much like magazines are. However, instead of having in-depth articles, hard-hitting journalism, funny comics, and stunning images, catalogs are meant to show off a product line. Depending on the size of the catalogs, they can be made from various types of paper stock, both for the cover and the pages inside the cover as well. Catalogs are put together in signatures that are four pages each. These stacks reflect the front side and the back side of a single page.

The covers, however, are usually meant to be thicker than the pages inside. No matter what the dimensions are, you should make sure the stocks complement each other. After all, you don’t want a drop-off in image quality. Blurry images with captions that are too small will turn potential customers into some lost business.


Calendars are popular enough that you’ll find them sold by the dozens at the dollar store or the big box store. These are prime opportunities to showcase your business. Calendars are most popular at the beginning of one year, in December, and in January of the following year. Decide whether you want it to cover a twelve-month period, an eighteen-month period, or one covering a single school year, which is roughly nine months.

Ideal Paper Types

80# Gloss Text: This paper is the industry standard for catalogs and calendars. It has roughly the same thickness as a high-quality magazine page. However, you should consider using this for the text inside your catalog or calendar.

80# Gloss Cover: As the name implies, this stock is better-suited for the cover of your product instead of its pages. It will look like a baseball trading card or a postcard. The images and photos you use will also look amazing when you use 80# gloss cover.

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