How Do You Find the Right Paper for Brochures and Postcards?

How Do You Find the Right Paper for Brochures and Postcards?

Brochures and postcards are two of the most popular items a professional printer can create.

Brochures and postcards are two of the most popular items a professional printer can create. Please your customers and help boost awareness of your brand by using these two marketing materials. The problem is, it might be difficult to decide what type of paper you should use for them. Let’s continue looking at the paper you need not just for business cards, but for brochures and postcards too.

Paper for Brochures

The plastic-coated paper is great for repelling water. Along with brochures, this paper is also great for hiking maps and restaurant menus. You may also want to choose a slightly heavier paper stock for this project. After all, the heavier paper will fold and unfold better, meaning that it will stay open instead of rolling back up when it is opened.

If you’re preparing your brochure to go in the mail, you’ll also want to make sure it is still thin enough to fit inside an envelope. But another upside of using thicker paper is that any decorations, such as embossing will look much better. Chances are, you’re not just sending one brochure out at a time. So if you have a larger print order, you might want to consider thinner, which will keep down the overall cost of producing such a high volume of printed materials all at once.

Paper for Postcards

You might think that postcards need the right cardstock. You’re not wrong, but since they can also be printed on paper, you need to find just the right paper to make the most of your postcard. Think about the following:

  • Anything meant to be mailed has to meet the guidelines of the Postal Service. For this reason, you might need what is called #100 cover for your postcards. It has the right size and thickness to meet these guidelines.
  • Using a UV coating on the side of the postcard that displays texts and images (i.e., not where the postcard is going, but what it is meant to convey) can help colors stand out.
  • Emphasize the slick glossiness of the image with this method, which also allows you to protect the postcard against both bad weather and careless handlers.

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