Five Convention Materials That You Need

Five Convention Materials That You Need

When your company is heading to a convention, it’s crucial to think about how to make yourself stand out!

When your company is heading to a convention, it’s crucial to think about how to make yourself stand out! Conferences are a great chance to meet your customers face to face and to attract more, but you’ll be faced with plenty of competition, so you need to be sure that you stick out. There are plenty of ways to prepare for a convention, but if you take advantage of these five materials, you’ll be able to make the most of your time. 

Direct Mail Postcards 

Long before the convention starts, you need to let your customers and potential customers know you’ll be there! Not only do direct mailers allow you to let your customers know they can meet you in person there, but it’s a great time to send invitations to potential customers, leads, and clients you’ve lost contact with over the years. 


As visitors stream through the halls of the convention, they’re meeting and looking at dozens of booths or more. Make sure you give them away to find you once the dust settles! Having well-designed information packets to hand out with business cards is critical to ensuring that participants can see you again after the show. 

Journals, Notepads, and Agendas 

While this isn’t something, you’ll want to hand out willy nilly, having huge giveaways like a custom notepad is a great option. If you’re scheduling meetings with potential clients, who spend a long time talking to you or meeting with new people who may want to follow up for a story, having something more substantial than a flier can be a great touch. If you can go the extra mile by adding a hand-written thank you on top, you’re sure to win bonus points. 

Presentation Folders 

As with the planners and notepads, if you’re meeting with individual clients, it’s a great idea to use something like a presentation folder to keep your documents organized and professional. Not only is this a great touch that guests will appreciate, but it can help keep you looking as put together as possible even in the chaos of a big event. 

Room SIgns and Directories 

While these may be harder to swing if you are attending a convention not hosting it, having marked signs and directories is critical. If you are hosting a panel at the meeting, it may benefit you to bring some of your signage. Not only can you then advertise your panel at your booth, but you can ensure that your site will be well marked and visible.   

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