Quick Facts About Perfect Binding

Quick Facts About Perfect Binding

Today, we’ll be covering some of the many ways PUR and Perfect binding can be used for your next printing project.

Are you working on a project that will need to be bound? Whether it’s a self-published novel, a portfolio, a children’s book, a workplace catalog or more, perfect binding may be what you need to create a beautiful, durable, professional project. Perfect binding includes the use of a glue placed on the spine; often this will be an ethylene vinyl acetate, or more recently, a polyurethane reactive(PUR) adhesive. When creating a perfect bound spine, PUR is useful in many applications where other adhesives fail, making perfect binding far more accessible. Today, we’ll be covering some of the many ways PUR and Perfect binding can be used for your next printing project

Children’s Books 

In the past, many printers would opt for a different method of binding for children’s books because of the damage kids can inflict on them. Tugging and twisting is no longer a threat when using a PUR adhesive as the pages and cover will hold tight to the spine. Thanks to its strength and flexibility, PUR holds up to being opened too wide or pressed flat, in some cases this will make it even stronger than other binding methods. 

Frequently Used Books 

Some books will see more frequent use than others. Items that will be used often and roughly like cookbooks, product catalogs, and portfolios need to be able to stand up to more. As we mentioned, the durability of the PUR adhesive makes it an excellent fit for these types of products. 

Extreme Temperature Use 

Is there a chance that your printed project will be used in temperatures as high as 200º or as low as -40º?  When you use a PUR binding, you never have to worry about the effects of heat or cold on your binding. 

Perfect Binding At Small Sizes 

When using a traditional perfect binding method, the smallest size your spine can be is ¼ of an inch. With PUR, that size is reduced, and projects as small as ⅛ an inch can be used. This is because PUR adhesive needs less space to adhere too while maintaining a secure hold. 

Glossy Pages 

Glossy pages can be challenging to bind in many different binding methods, unlike matte or traditional finish, they can be quite slippery and aren’t suitable for conventional perfect binding. However, with PUR adhesive, glossy pages are no problem; you can even add coatings or protective film. 

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