Five Essential Elements To Review Before Designing Envelopes

Keeping your brand or mission in mind when designing envelopes for your company or business is wise. One way that you can display this is through professionally designed envelopes. Keep in mind that there are also different sizes available. Through your mailed correspondence, you can be assured that you can reach your audience through this form of marketing. Follow these six tips to produce high-quality work.


Custom envelopes are a great way to add variety to your business.

Make the Most of Your Envelope Areas

As a graphic designer, you wouldn’t want parts of your design blocked by a postmark or any other mailing information. If there are issues with your design, it could lead to the United States Postal Service rejecting your package. As you design your piece, seal off unused areas on your envelope. There are protocols that the USPS has for design, so it would be helpful to review that information.

Take Your Addressing Method Into Consideration

Your address method is contingent on how you’ll go exactly about implementing the specific address within envelopes. You can also print names and addresses for each envelope or use self-printed labels for your envelope designs.

Refer to The Details of The Contents

You can always provide your audience insight into what is inside your mailed envelope. If there are any free materials or any other documents inside, you can also reference that on the envelope. Here you can also find a way to focus more on the branding for your company.

Two-Sided Envelopes

You’ll have more space to operate using both sides of an envelope. However, it would be wise to keep in mind that your costs will likely be higher to use both sides. It would be best to work within a budget to complete an efficient job. If you plan to use pre-made envelopes, two-sided designs are more expensive.

Make Your Envelopes Visually Pleasing

Making a lasting impression on your audience is one of the most fundamental aspects of a business. Focusing on specific fonts and the physical appearance of your envelopes shows your audience that you’re keen enough to focus on particular details.

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