Focus on These Seven Elements For Your Next Graphic Design Project

Graphic design is a unique concept that applies and combines pictures, words, and ideas to an audience that communicates a theme. Graphic designers often focus on the elements of design to complete projects. These elements also enable designers to draw reactions from their specific audience. 


Focus on these elements in your next graphic design project.

If you are a small-business owner or a novice designer, try incorporating these seven concepts into your design the next time you construct any visual piece. 


Colors can invoke and draw emotions from your audience. You can use color to display a certain mood, point of view, and other aspects like light and depth. In graphic design, various color schemes are used. 


The texture is often associated with how an object feels. In graphic design, visual texture refers to the audience’s imagination of how a specific illustration feels. For instance, If you own a landscaping business, you can likely use some grass, trees, or even bushes within your logo. 


Designers also refer to shape as form. It is the overall size of your graphic design. The two variants of shapes commonly used in graphic design are geometric and organic shapes. Geometric shapes result in two or three-dimensional forms. Organic shapes are symmetrical and asymmetrical.


Making the most of your space is crucial as it will impact how others view your image. Without necessary spacing, your work can be cluttered and disoriented by viewers. There are two forms of space, positive and negative. Positive space is what a designer wants viewers to focus on. Negative space is the remaining area. 


Lines are essential because they keep things organized, mold shapes, and are used for displaying any emotions. Lines are versatile and can be used in numerous directions. Lines also help define texture. 


Typography helps define a specific text within a design. As always, it is vital to ensure readability when using a font. Some can be illegible and not for the occasion. 


Often referred to as pictures and illustrations, images grasp your audience’s attention and can create the specific mood of your piece. Images have the keen ability to leave an everlasting impact on the viewer.

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