Graphic Design Tips: Get a New Logo

Graphic Design Tips: Get a New Logo

If your logo is looking outdated, a rebrand can help bring new customers and help build excitement again.

With the holiday shopping season fast approaching it’s time to help your business cash in. If your logo is looking outdated, a rebrand can help bring new customers and help build excitement again. That’s why having excellent graphic design has never been so important – with Halloween coming up, you don’t want to scare away your customers, but spook your competition!

The Resolution

When it comes to graphic design, the resolution of your image is paramount. A poor resolution image will look grainy and pixelated, which in turn will make your company look unprofessional. No matter what your logo looks like, choose the highest-quality resolution that you can achieve. At the very least, however, aim for an image that has 300 dpi. You should be able to preview what the logo will look like once it is in print. Previewing the image to see what you will get is a much better idea than printing something and then being unhappy with how it turns out after the fact.


Another element of graphic design to consider is scalability. How scalable your logo is also matters. For example, your logo might look fine at smaller dimensions, but when you enlarge the image, it could start looking like an eyesore. For most logos, it’s safe to use vector images, which will help the logo scale as it expands. Sometimes, though, especially for logos that are much more complicated, you will need Raster images. Raster images use clusters of pixels to preserve the image, but in both cases, you should use the highest resolution possible.

Remaking the Logo

It’s entirely possible that the artwork file for your current logo has disappeared. Technological changes and moving into new locations can cause vital information to go missing. If that’s the case, work with graphic designers you trust to create a new logo from scratch. This new logo will be available for use on business cards, stationery, and envelopes. Plus, it’ll look good when printed in newspapers and magazines, which are still great ways to market your business.

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