Tips for Developing Fantastic Flyers

Tips for Developing Fantastic Flyers

Are you advertising a big sale or promoting a big event for Halloween? Then you’ll need to develop and create the best flyers that you possibly can.

Are you advertising a big sale or promoting a big event for Halloween? Then you’ll need to develop and create the best flyers that you possibly can. Here are some tips on how to do that, especially if you are in charge of spearheading the marketing campaign for your company.

Use Die-Cutting

At first glance, you might think die-cutting is only for toy cars. But die-cutting is a highly useful printing method for books and other materials that allow you to use creative shapes to draw the eye. Trying to highlight special deals for the season? Use die-cutting shapes such as pumpkins, turkeys, and leaves on your flyers to help get your customers into the spirit to attend your events and check out your sales.

Include Discounts

Everyone loves discounts. These offers represent another easy way to drive business up and keep repeat customers coming back every time they need or even want something that you have that you can provide them. For a concert venue, you could offer a certain percentage off for tickets when customers present the flyers you sent them. Likewise, restaurants could offer a percentage off the total bill, or offer free items that can only be redeemed if the customers show the flyers to their servers.

Add a Calendar

When you mail flyers to your potential customers, one of the main advantages is that you don’t need to use an envelope. Still, that doesn’t mean you should hesitate to use envelopes entirely. That envelope can contain a response card. But all the same, your customers would appreciate a calendar showing off upcoming events – a volunteer fire company could highlight events such as food truck rallies, dinner theatres, or canned food drives, especially as Thanksgiving and Christmas draw closer. You can put these calendars on the flyers themselves to reduce printing costs and material waste.

Incorporate QR Codes

One final touch you can consider for your flyers is a QR code. Customers can use the QR code reader on their smartphones to unlock special offers or prizes. You can also embed challenge videos and more coupons inside the QR codes on your flyers. After all, it’s one more way to draw visitors to your website!

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