Grappling with Grief: How to Write Death Announcements

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Unfortunately, it might fall to you to write the death announcements that will go out to other members of your social or familial circle.

Coping with grief isn’t easy. Losing a loved one always hurts. So, while you’re going through this emotional turmoil, it’s understandable that it would be hard to think about anything else. Unfortunately, it might fall to you to write the death announcements that will go out to other members of your social or familial circle. What are these announcements? How are they different from eulogies or obituaries? And what is the etiquette that you should follow when it comes to the wording? We can answer all of these questions for you! 

First Things First: What is a Death Announcement? 

So, let’s begin by examining what a death announcement is supposed to be. This piece of the printed word is meant to tell the public at large that someone has died. You can see some examples in The Morning newsletter sent out by the New York Times. It’s paid-for, so it is a service that is still meaningful beyond the monetary investment associated with it. You’ll also see them referred to as death notices. The three places where death announcements are commonly printed are in local newspapers, in the newspapers based where the deceased lived, and in national newspapers. 

Second of All: How Do I Write One? 

Knowing where to start when you are composing a stack of death announcements is a daunting task. Be sure to include the decedent’s name, their date of birth and death, and when the viewing, funeral, or memorial service takes place. 

Thirdly: What Does a Template Look Like? 

This short paragraph cannot be more than five sentences long. That’s a lot of information to convey in just a few lines. So, include the name, verbiage stating that person has passed away and when they died. Mentioning the date of birth and place of birth/death is optional. Don’t forget to include relevant information about the funeral arrangements. 

If the funeral is open to the public, list the date, time, and location of the event. On the other hand, if it’s meant to be a small, quiet ceremony, you should indicate that it is private. And of course, it’s also good to say that no services are planned. 

Steps for Posting the Announcement 

Let’s move on to the process for posting completed death announcements. The funeral director will help with the logistics: placing the announcements in newspapers, online, and via Facebook and other social media channels. Attaching a photograph comes with a small fee, so be prepared to pay it. Finally, proofread! Errors can and will happen, and the paper likely won’t reimburse you or run a revised announcement for free. 

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