Learn the Lingo: Common Printing Vocabulary Terms and Jargon

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Most commercial printing professionals will use specific jargon that is known within the industry.

Most commercial printing professionals will use specific jargon that is known within the industry. There are some unique words and phrases that many in the field understand. But they also sound strange to those who are not in the industry. The reality is, many without a proper understanding of the printing terminology can be overwhelming when looking to complete a project. Ultimately, there are tools that you can get and resources available to understand all the commercial printing jargon better. Here is a helpful guide to better understand all the different jargon associated with commercial printing services.


This acronym is one of the most important terms in the printing industry. CMYK refers to — cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. These colors refer to the different combinations of ink colors that are most commonly used in the four different color printing processes.  Different images in printing documents need to be converted from other color formats into cyan, magenta, yellow, and black before even printing the document itself.

Coated Paper

When it comes to paper, understanding the specific type needed for your purposes is a big deal. Some of the most common types of the print-ready coated paper include gloss and matte, which both have a smooth finish that will give off a very professional look and feel. The reality is when you need commercial printing services, understanding which type of paper is best for your specific purposes is integral to a successful printing job.

Crop Marks

If you need your printing services done quickly to help effectively and efficiently speed things along, crop marks can be a great resource. Crop marks work to properly show the printer where to cut the large sheet to get the correct page size for your printing project adequately. The reality is, crop marks will also indicate where exactly to cut and then separate excess paper along with any other prints you may have. 

Bottom Line

There is so much to understand about the commercial printing process. Getting accustomed to the common printing terms can help make your life easier when it comes to your next commercial printing job. 

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