How to Have Fall Season Fun While Avoiding COVID

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This dire situation begs the question: “how can we celebrate fall without getting sick?”

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic feels like it’s never going to end. And yet, some glimmers of regular life from before the virus are showing through the clouds of gloom. Even so, it’s still a good idea to be as cautious as possible. The number of new cases, breakthrough or not, is on the rise. This dire situation begs the question: “how can we celebrate fall without getting sick?” 

Make Some Quick Invitations for a Bonfire Night 

This time of year is always a great time to make some s’mores. As such, you’ll probably want to arrange a bonfire night. The cautions against inviting out-of-household guests have receded, for the time being anyway. That’s why you can experiment with making some invitations. Even in the age of events on Facebook, doing this is a nice touch. Whether or not you decide to use a template, it’s time to light up the fire pit. 

Camp Carefully with the “Glamping” Trend 

Camping in the woods doesn’t appeal to everyone. The so-called “glamping” trend arose out of this concern. This newfangled word is a combination of “glamourous” and “camping.” Cabins are the main elements of this experience since you’d have access to running water, steady electricity, and an actual bed. So how can you mimic this at home? Set up a large tent in your backyard instead! This doesn’t have to be for a full week – even a night or two can be a much-needed break! That way, you can toast marshmallows, gaze up at all of the stars you can see, and then still be able to shower before bed!

Create a Family-Sized Tag Football Contest 

Going to football games is another tradition for many families during the fall months. But we’d understand if the idea of entering a jam-packed stadium could make you nervous. So instead, replicate that experience with a friendly game of tag football in your yard. You could also do flag football, so the novelty doesn’t wear off. Of course, there’s always the option to set up a group viewing party where you can put your flatscreen TV and soundbar to good use!

Grab Apples for Curbside or Fast Pickup 

Much like last year, many food venues are stepping up their curbside service. Alternatively, you could head inside and do a fast pickup. Even if the business doesn’t require you to wear a mask, it’s still a good idea to do it out of common courtesy. While this approach to picking apples isn’t as enjoyable, it’s an easy way to keep everyone safe! 

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