How to Market Your Business with Bookmarks

How to Market Your Business with Bookmarks

Increase your business’ image and popularity with some fresh ideas for using bookmarks.

Small businesses have to get creative. Because they don’t have the nearly limitless resources of their competitors, they have to find unconventional ways to build brand awareness. Increase your business’ image and popularity with some fresh ideas for using bookmarks. Let’s take a closer look at how to manage this marketing tactic.

Create Custom Bookmarks

One way to creatively use bookmarks is to offer them to customers as a way to produce something unique. Use them in your own home or include in them in books that are given away as gifts to see how well it works. A small business is perfectly suited to do this, and you can surprise friends and family for holidays and special occasions, such as Easter, a birthday, or a graduation ceremony. If your small business focuses on printing books and magazines, you can turn some of your most memorable pieces of cover art or inspirational quotes into decorative touches to adorn your custom bookmarks.

For Your Favorite Organizations

Another way to raise awareness of your brand is to give them to some of your favorite organizations. Churches, libraries, and schools could all do with more bookmarks. Not only could you include bookmarks that promote your business, but your name and logo will be imprinted on the beautiful pieces that you provide for these special clients.

Promote Your Business

Whether you have longtime customers or are looking for new clients, a bookmark is a great way to promote your business. Bookmarks are incredibly useful, and even with the rise of the Internet and e-readers, the ubiquity of printed materials has diminished but hasn’t declined. Books are never going to go completely out of style, so they’ll always need marks to save the page. Again, you should include the name of your small business, along with phone number, street address, website, and then a hook to catch the reader’s eye.

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