What Paper Should You Choose for Your Business Cards?


What Paper Should You Choose for Your Business Cards?

Professional-grade business cards call for professional-grade paper.

Professional-grade business cards call for professional-grade paper. Even if you are looking to create other high-quality printed materials, you will still need to choose the best possible paper stock. For years, you’ve heard that time is money, and even though that saying is trite, that doesn’t make it any less true. Let’s find out more!

Business Cards 101

Your business cards should always draw the attention of your audience. After all, the point of a business card is to gain a new customer. And you can’t interest someone in what your company is or what it does if you hand them a bland-looking business card. Luckily, there’s a wide variety of paper stocks to choose from; sometimes you might not even need to use paper, but plastic or cardstock instead.

Writing On It

A dull matte stock or a paper stock without coating is best if you’d like to be able to jot something down on your business cards. By choosing this option, it’s possible to write on the card without ruining the ink on the images.

Metallic Foils

You might also experiment with metallic foils or ink to jazz up your business cards. The problem is, these only look good on glossy stocks. If you pair this foil and ink with uncoated or dull matte stock, you’ll lose some of the eye-popping effects it would otherwise have.

Don’t Forget Your Coat

The coating you use on your next business card matters just as much as the information you include in the graphic design. There are special coatings that you can use which will make your cards feel like velvet or silk, both of which can give a favorable impression of your company.

Time is Money

We understand that you want to be thrifty with your production budget. But as far as your business card design is concerned, this is not the place to cut any corners. The more attractive you can make your card, the better it will perform.

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