How to Keep Your Printed Materials Safe from Water

Printed Materials

Protecting your printed materials from rain can be the difference between a successful marketing campaign and a train wreck of one.

When you have spent your money on printed materials for your business it can be really disheartening if they get damaged. If your materials are outside they are even more susceptible to weather and high winds, but even indoors your materials can be exposed. If you want your materials to last longer and to protect your investment, follow these tips.

Try Liquid Lamination

Most people have heard of lamination but your familiarity with lamination may be limited to report or presentation level. Did you know that you can laminate larger graphics and printed materials to protect them? Liquid lamination can be used to coat and seal larger graphics to protect them. A simple wipe down can lead to an appearance that lasts on any printed material.

Finishes in Liquid Lamination

Liquid lamination can come in a variety of finishes depending on what your desires for your printed materials are.

Gloss: This finish creates a clean cut and shiny exterior on your laminated piece. This can be visually stunning and lead to crisper, cleaner lines.

Matte: This finish has been described as a professional and elegant finish. The texture of your print materials can be velvety to the person handling them and it is less reflective than gloss finish.

Satin: This finish is similar to gloss but has significant glare reducing qualities that provide a softer sheen. This is a great choice if your printed materials are in direct light.

Dry Erase: This finish is more or less self-explanatory, it allows the finish to be written on in dry erase and then be washed off. In the event your printed material is likely to be exposed to harsh weather or liquid, this may not be the best option.

Anti-Graffiti: This finish is ideal if your printed materials are outside and hanging in public place. This liquid lamination allows you to remove any type of vandalism.

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