What Printed Materials Are Needed for a Funeral?

Printed Materials

It is important to get the right printed materials when honoring a loved one’s life.

If you’ve experienced a loss in your family, it’s hard to think about logistical necessities like planning a funeral. Mourning is a difficult time as is, but it’s important that you use this time to honor your loved one respectfully. Creating a wonderful program will help offer comfort and solace to everyone else who is also impacted by the loss of your loved one. It is a great way to celebrate one’s life and as such, it is important to choose quality printed materials for a funeral.

Memorial Posters

Your options for printed materials include memorial posters, which can be made for a few different formats, including both standard and wide. Whatever needs you have, we at Time Printers can create memorial posters to accurately represent your loved one’s life.


Programs are an absolute necessity at funerals as they have become a staple. They are customizable so you can create a program your loved one would have liked to see. It is a good way to try to think about your loved one in a positive light while planning the funeral.

Acknowledgement Cards

These affordable printed materials can be used to let you express your thankfulness towards those who have come. Sometimes support from family and friends can mean the world and using these simple cards to say thanks to those people in your life is definitely a great thing to do.

Professional Printed Materials

A funeral is significant because you really want to honor your loved one. It’s important to make sure, when acquiring the necessary printed materials, you go with a professional who is invested in making sure you get the best. We at Time Printers want to help you in any way we can, so please reach out to us with questions!

Printed Materials for Funerals From Time Printers!

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