Love in the Air: 4 Tips for Designing Fabulous and Meaningful Wedding Programs

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The wedding programs you create don’t have to be flawless.

June, July, and August often serve as prime time for the annual wedding season. While it’s perfectly fine to get married at any time of the year, when you want to have a destination wedding bash, it’s best to time it with summer vacation. As with this time last year, the Covid pandemic continues to throw everything for a loop. All of your best-laid plans could be wrecked. In the lead-up to the big day, the planning phase can be the most difficult and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be, especially when it comes to designing the perfect wedding programs. 

Pictures Speak Louder Than Words 

The wedding programs you create don’t have to be flawless. Even so, some keen graphic design skills will come in handy. Since pictures can say several thousand words, you’ll want to be extra cautious about the photo you choose to include. While formal-style photographs are considered an acceptable standby, don’t hesitate to aim for something a little more relaxed and upbeat. 

Have Some Fun with the Introduction 

Are there any witty wordsmiths present in your wedding party? You don’t have to be an English major to have a certain way with words. Creativity, romance, and humor should shine through – after all, this is supposed to be a joyous occasion! Your custom-printed wedding programs should reflect that circumstance. The popular trope of the “meet-cute” is also a fantastic way to show how the lovely couple first met and fell for each other – sometimes quite literally! 

Add Prayers or Quotes That Mean Something 

Not all weddings will have a religious aspect to them. However, sometimes, prayers and other blessings to bring abundant fortune to the newlyweds are in order. As such, you should try to add prayers or quotes that carry emotional, spiritual, and sentimental weight. It all depends on who all is getting married. In some cases, pop culture and famous celebrities can provide the right words to say.   

Indicate How the Ceremony Will Unfold 

Another necessary part of the wedding program is describing how the nuptials are expected to play out. In other words, be sure to include plenty of information about how the happiest day of your life is meant to operate. Detailed explanations will shed light on the music and literature you incorporated. Besides, there common elements that are virtually universal across many cultural traditions. Some examples include the processional, the declaration of intent, the exchange of rings, and the delivery of vows.   

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