How Promotional Items Benefit Your Business

How Promotional Items Benefit Your Business

Imagine sitting at your desk and reaching for a pen. Is it just a plain old everyday pen? That’s the power of promotion and promotional items.

Imagine sitting at your desk and searching for a pen. Is it just a plain old everyday pen? The chances are good that it’s branded with someone’s logo, and every day when you see the pen, you think about that company. That’s the power of promotion and promotional items.

Attract New Business

Like the branded pen, promotional items are a type of freebie that you can use to attract new business. Other examples of promotional products are lanyards, water bottles, reusable grocery bags, and even small keychain bottles of hand sanitizer. These items are often given away at trade shows or with your business card, and they usually contain your logo and contact information. They are a tremendous way to get your company’s name out there and increase your brand awareness.

Promotional items aren’t the only freebies you can offer. You can also give away free samples of your good or service. Subscription services often give away a week or month of service to new customers as a trial offer. Bakeries or other food sales offer taste testing in stores and at farmers markets. Some companies can even send their product samples through the mail. Depending on your market and item, a free sample could be just the thing to get new customers hooked.

Increase the Volume of Sales

Offering a discount is a tried and true way to increase your sales. Many businesses offer a periodic percentage off discount, but another way to do discounts is based on sales volume: the more purchases there are, the more savings. This is especially good if you also save money when you can sell a large quantity of your product. This is because offering discounts is a careful balancing act. You want enough of a cut to entice people to buy (or to buy more), but you don’t want to wipe out your profit. You also don’t want to run sales too often, or else customers will expect them (and wait for them to make their purchases).

Encourage Loyalty and Repeat Business

Another promotional option is to involve your business in contests. If you have a social media presence (and you should), you can use those platforms to run your own contests where customers can win samples or promotional items by liking or sharing your posts. You could also include your product in a charity raffle or similar contest to connect with members of your community.


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