Church Printing: How to Spread the Good News

Church Printing: How to Spread the Good News

Churches are often one of the strongest pillars of their community. Here are some ideas for church printing materials that will turn some heads.

Churches are often one of the strongest pillars of their community. But whether you are trying to reach your existing congregation, or you are looking to welcome visitors to your next service, the printed items you create can make a huge difference. Here are some ideas for church printing materials that will turn some heads.

Use Flyers

Flyers are tremendous assets for any organization. You might think they’re only good for marketing a new product or special sale, but flyers are great for churches too. With a flyer as your church printing material, you can remind your audience of a memorial or funeral service that is coming, birth or death announcements, or give a quick glimpse at what your church’s mission is. Flyers are incredibly versatile church printing materials since you can store them in the pews or pass them from member to member. Have you ever thought about using a flyer or a special card as door hanger? You can do that too.

Create Brochures

Another possibility is to create a brochure for your church. Churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples all need to spread their message and build awareness of their mission and brand. Brochures mainly consist of images and pictures, although there is some important text included, such as the history of the church. When designing a brochure for your church, be sure to include necessary information such as the name of the church, its street address, phone number, email address, and associated website.

Try Postcards

Postcards are another useful way to help raise awareness of your church’s purpose. Do you offer daycare services? Send postcards out to your neighbors who have young children. Postcards also are great ideas for sending a member of your church birthday greetings or congratulations on graduating or getting married.   

Design Banners

When it comes to choosing church printing materials, you don’t have to confine yourself to traditional marketing methods. You can also hang banners outside your church’s doors, where they will billow and flap in the wind, hopefully catching the eye of passing motorists or pedestrians.

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