Spooky Halloween Marketing Tips from Time Printers


If you haven’t started your Halloween marketing campaign already, now is the time!

Halloween is nearly upon us and if you haven’t gotten started with your Halloween-themed marketing campaign, now’s the time. It’s not just limited to those who service the holiday industry either, any company can hop on board the Halloween marketing ship as long as you’re willing to show a little creativity. Whether you’re a retail outlet or a repair shop, there’s a number of ways you can use these Halloween marketing tips to drum up business.

Host an Event

This tried and true method of marketing is simple. Throw a Halloween related event! This could be having trick-or-treating at your shop on Halloween itself or simply having a haunted house in your store. Create flyers to hand out around town and spark some interest in your business. You can even have a Halloween costume contest and give some kind of promotional item to the winner. Costume contests are great because it will bring customers in even if they have no intentions of buying anything–and who knows, maybe they’ll stick around and make some purchases.

Entertaining Information

All of your promotional printed materials–booklets, catalogs, brochures, banners–can be spiced up by special Halloween sales. Make the information fun and exciting! Add in jokes about Halloween, change up your color scheme to be themed for the holiday, and incorporate ideas for how to utilize your products for Halloween if applicable.

Focus on the Local Aspect

Your business should stand out as caring about local events and being involved in the community. Your branding should reflect that and show off that you’re proud of your town or community. Families tend to get invested in what they see as local businesses, so it’s critical that your Halloween bash be branded as such!

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