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Choosing the right sign will stimulate future revenue to your Baltimore business!

Spring cleaning your home or business? Do you need a quick, convenient sign for that summer yard sale you’ve been meaning to have? Or maybe you’re growing some fresh vegetables in the warm June heat and you want to sell them at your local Farmer’s market? Printing a sign that shows where they come from will keep your customers intrigued! Making big moves and selling your house? Hosting an open house can really bring potential buyers in. Post signs around your neighborhood to spread the word! Signs have been used for hundreds of years as a quick, aesthetically please way to attract attention to something. This is incredibly useful when trying to sell something. In this week’s blog we’ll take a look at printed sign materials. Let’s compare printed materials so you know which is best for your sales purposes.

Standard Paper

By far the most cost efficient material, standard paper signs are used to convey a quick message indoors. Promoting your business at a local small vendors event held indoors? A Standard paper sign may be best for you. They are water resistant, and the text and images on them will not run. The only disadvantage when investing in this sign is that it will get soggy. Promote yourself from behind closed doors with this material!

Glossy Paper

Glossy paper is water resistant as well. Very similar to photographic paper, it is the same sturdiness as standard paper with a shining finish. Ideal for photos or posters that hang indoors, give your customers a visual of the product you have to offer by using glossy paper. Selling handmade jewelry? People will have to approach your stand first before feasting their eyes on the gemstones, and intricate wiring your expert hands created. Attract their attention by hanging large photographic signs of your best work!

Outdoor Banner Vinyl

Used for outdoor events such as farmer’s markets, political rallies, festivals, and fairs banner vinyl is printed with UV and water resistant inks. Lasting up to three years, this investment is best for seasonal events that require signs. Does your neighborhood hold annual festivities in the summer? Print out an outdoor banner vinyl sign if you plan on marching in the parade! Want to sell your art at the Maryland state fair this year? Using this sign will keep you coming back each year. Force yourself to stay on top of your work and sales! Buy a banner vinyl sign today!

Window Static Cling

Perfect for graphics that are installed on the inside of windows, window static cling has a opaque, white background while the detailing of the sign’s message encompasses the front. They are easy to install, requiring a simple spray bottle and water, mild dish detergent mixture, and a window squeegee. Do you own a large commercial space with many windows? Posting signs that take advantage of your facilities floor plan is economically responsible.

Exterior Window Sticker

Another sign for outdoor use, exterior window stickers are printed on UV and water resistant paper as well. Especially designed for outdoor use on printed windows, these stickers work best when you have a commercial space with an overwhelming amount of windows. With bubble free application, install this on the exterior of your business for a smooth finish and a clear message.

Wall Sticker

Perfect for spicing up those plain, white wall spaces you’ve been meaning to decorate, wall stickers are useful for indoor purposes. Easy to apply and remove without making a sticky mess, these signs can be applied and removed more than once in multiple places. Want to spread the word about that unforgettable sale you’re having next week? Wall stickers can be easily displayed, and are relatively low cost.

Planning On Selling Personal Retail This Summer in Baltimore? Use a Printed Sign to Promote Yourself!

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