Fun Summer Church Trip Plans? Spread the Word With Special Event Books!


Spread the word about your church’s summer youth group trip with printed event books!

With the birds chirping, soft breezes flowing through the air, and fragrant spring flowers popping up it’s the perfect time to start planning that church group trip to an amusement park you’ve always wanted to do. Planning a community event can be tough work. Organization, spreading the word, and determining chaperones will have you quite exhausted. Luckily, special event books are extremely useful when trying to spread the word quickly to a multitude of people. So how can using event books to promote you trip benefit your church?

Reach A Certain Audience Quickly

When handing out printed event books, you get to choose who to give them to. If your special event this summer is an amusement park trip, be present during after school youth group activities. Often times, children will bring other friends from school, extra-curricular activities etc. to participate in youth group activities. With the ability to reach a large local youth audience quickly, handing out special event booklets will keep kids informed and engaged! Especially if they look cool!

You can be Creative!

Being Creative is incredibly more flexible when making an event book. You will want to make it eye-catching, appealing to your audience, and make sure it highlights your trip. Incorporate a photo from last year’s special event trip to remind them how exciting, and fun it was! Use pictures of your church members throughout to make them feel special and a part of the community. Event books have multiple pages, so you’ll have optimal space for all information you’d like to implement. Be sure to include transportation information, chaperoning, and you might even include a highlight page for all the fun activities you’ll be doing on the trip. Use the space well! If this event is an overnight trip, show hotel booking plans! Incorporate where you’ll be stopping for food at restaurants accommodating to larger parties. Plan, plan, plan, plan until you’re sure all necessary information is presented in an organized, aesthetically pleasing, readable way.

Something to Take Home

Having a hard-copy of a church event to take home will serve as a reminder and reference tool for your audience. With a quality print finish, fun highlights, and cool activities on your event book, those church-goers can keep it sitting in their car, at their desks, or on their nightstand to refer back to when considering whether or not they’d like to go. A physical copy will give you room for incentives! Include coupons for things like ‘Come with us and get a free pass from bible study next week!,’ or even, “Take the trip of a lifetime and receive a token of God’s gratitude.’ There are so many different ways you might entice your audience to join along by providing a hard copy.

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