Tips for Working with Graphic Designers

Tips for Working with Graphic Designers

Graphic designers are the professionals that give your vision life.

Graphic designers are the professionals that give your vision life. People from all walks of life rely on graphic designers for help with promotional materials, creative projects, and other ventures. Here are some tips for working with graphic designers.   

The Type of Designer

Like professionals in many other industries, graphic designers have areas of concentration in which they specialize. It’s important to know what type of graphic designers you’ll need for your project. Web designers work in digital spaces to create websites and digital content using illustration, coding, and other skills. Print designers work with print materials like magazines, brochures, and other physical content. Technical designers are experts in the creation of apps, user interface, and user experience.

Past Work

See samples of their recent work so that you’ll know whether the skill set of the designer fits your project. Review their online portfolio or requests to see tear sheets of their published materials. Doing this will save you vast amounts of time and money when you’re trying to schedule and budget for your project.

Finalize Copy

Before you hand your project over to your graphic designer, make sure that all the content and information for the project is correct and has been approved. Once the designer gets started, it will be difficult and even frustrating to make changes; it might even cost you more resources to get the job done.

Create a Brief

Speaking of content approval, you should approach your graphic designer with a detailed brief. The brief will include your desired final format for the project (print, digital, or both), your target audience, a call to action (sign up, subscribe, get started), and a list of deliverables.  

Be Clear

Be clear and specific about your feedback, as this will help you avoid going back and forth multiple times with the designer about your desired changes. Keep correct file names so that you can easily keep track of which version of the project you’re looking at.

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