Use These Old-School Printed Materials to Stimulate Your Sales!

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All printed products and marketing campaigns will presumably pay off.

In these trying times, keeping your business afloat is no easy task. Even with stimulus checks, there never seems to be enough money to cover all of the expenses. Scraping enough dough for rent and overhead can be taxing enough. Luckily, some methods never go out of style. You know what that means: you can use these traditional print formats to your advantage!

General Advice for Distribution Techniques 

You’ve got to know how to make your print message heard. This is essential advice that is crucial to your success. All printed products and marketing campaigns will pay off. However, it might not be right away. Patience is a virtue, but it won’t always feel like that. Research your key demographics audience or target market and keep up with their wants, needs, and tastes. As times change, you should too. Forty flyers are more effective than four.

Punchy Posters

Visually appealing posters have a lot to say. Whether you want to draw in customers off the street by advertising a great sale or to hype an upcoming socially distanced event, mass-produced and error-free printed posters can pay dividends almost immediately. Try putting them up in coffee shops, hotels, pubs, retail restrooms, and bulletin boards.  

Brand New Business Cards 

Building up your brand awareness involves more than just assembling a street team. You’ll also have to have attentive team members monitoring chatter on today’s most relevant social media channels. Putting together attractive business cards calls for careful consideration of design aspects such as cardstock, shape, and color. Don’t forget to include the business name, logo, owner’s name, email address, phone number, and the Internet platforms where you interact with customers. 

Informative Brochures

Brochures are another tried-and-true way to grab the attention of your clientele. Think of the brochures as another opportunity to showcase your impressive portfolio of products, services, and past successes. Some of the facts to point out in your next brochure include your staff members’ credentials. After that, indicate the competitive prices you offer while providing a glimpse at your company’s history and best-selling items.   

Let Time Printers Assist You with Your Upcoming Printing Needs for 2021!

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