Graphic Design Tips: How to Create Interesting Tickets for Virtual Events

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Do you need to shift a large number of tickets?

Hosting a traditional event these days is almost impossible. That’s because mask mandates and social distancing measures remain in place, which means most typical gatherings are still restricted. Our old ways of life – proms, movie premieres, concerts, and sporting events – have all been diminished to lower capacity events or switched to outdoor venues instead. Virtual events such as webcasts, webinars, and live streams have already been gaining popularity, with platforms like YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok leading the way. Do you need to shift a large number of tickets? Then you’ll need to make them look as visually captivating as possible!

Always Strive for Simplicity 

There’s a reason why the saying “keep it simple” is such sage advice. Too much visual clutter can distract the eye. That’s why you should attempt to achieve a clean, minimalist layout for your tickets. Well-done graphic design makes a huge difference. It could spell the difference between someone wanting to pay $15 for an excellent virtual concert experience or using that money to order takeout food for lunch instead!

Design a Memorable Mini-Poster 

Concerts, movies, and sporting events can give cherished memories along with the elusive “you just had to be there” feeling. That’s one of the many reasons why posters can make for fantastic keepsakes. There’s no reason why your custom-printed tickets can’t have that aesthetic, too!

Get the Die Cut Involved 

Most ordinary event tickets – and raffle tickets – look pretty the same. They’re all one standard size, more or less. When you use the die-cut tool, though, you can make your next batch of tickets look unusual enough to draw some extraordinary attention. Experiment with circles, triangles, or parallelograms – anything that isn’t the normal rectangle!

Make Your Tickets Fabulous with a Foil Stamp

Glittery ribbons and fun fonts give your tickets something special: a personality. A foil stamp takes that idea to the next level. After all, they make the text on your tickets even more elaborate. Plus, they’ll stand out better against the background and spotlight the custom-designed seal made exclusively for the event you’re hosting. That’s the ticket!

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