Want More RSVPs? Start With Your Holiday Party Invitations

Party hosts are ever-aware of the power of the RSVP. It allows the host to know how many to expect, and results in less no-shows due to the obligation an RSVP encourages. However, getting all of your guests to RSVP is easier said than done.  While social media provides easy means of inviting guests to your events, the informality of online invitations are allow for guests to procrastinate on an answer.holiday-party-invitations-rsvp

The best place to start for securing RSVPs this holiday season is with holiday party invitations. While sending a paper invite may seem old fashioned, there are many reasons they are still the best option for getting people to RSVP to your party.

Invitations as a reminder

When viewing a party invite online, people can easily click “yes” and then forget about it. Holiday party invitations sent by mail are often put somewhere they can be frequently seen, reminding the guest about the where and when of your holiday party. When your invitation is seen every time your guest opens the fridge, they’re sure to remember to make an appearance.


Even in this day and age of advanced technology, people still feel more obligated to respond to paper holiday party invitations than invites sent online. A physical copy makes the party seem more official and set-in-stone, so your potential guests will feel the need to give an answer. If you want to know a solid head count before your party, mailing holiday party invitations is the best way to get that number.


Physical holiday party invitations have the benefit of being fashionably-designed, inspiring interest from those invited. These invitations are your opportunity to express your party’s theme and draw attention. A colorful, attractive invitation your potential guests can hold and observe is more likely to get RSVPs for your holiday party than an online message or invite.

Stylish holiday party invitations in Maryland

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